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Walking into Your Spiritual Journey

Hi Family!!

I'm here to give you a brief introduction to who I am and why we are here 🤗

I know what you might be thinking, "She looks a bit young to be giving Spiritual Advice."

LOL, I get it, but don't worry. All things that I give are divinely given to me.

And, I'm pretty sure I have done lifetimes comparable to this one, many, many times before. 💖

And here I am, back on the scene to help Free Souls. Chances are, if you're reading this, then you are one of my assignments. I know it can sound complicated, but trust me, there is no 'great procedure' that I plan to perform to free your soul from this earthly realm. Your soul will not ascend until your time has come, but in the meantime, I'm here to provide you with all the information that Spirit has given me to help you.

Let's Talk About the Heart...

This organ is quite sensitive while also very resilient. As a Nurse Practitioner, I have witnessed patients' put the heart through all kinds of stress (physical, environmental, etc.) and I see the heart remain consistent, beating away and most times in a consistent strong beat, providing blood flow to all other organs, KEEPING US ALIVE.

But, I have also witnessed the heart endure a lot of emotional trauma. Have you ever heard of someone die of a broken heart? Well, yes it's real and I have cared for clients who have suffered a great loss of some sort, or even prolonged stress and their heart gives out. Unfortunately, many clients do not survive this type of cardiac event.

What can we do about this? Physically, we have a fairly decent protocol in handling clients like this. Spiritually, there isn't much of a protocol, as there shouldn't be, because we as individuals should have a personalized approach to what we are desiring, seeing that we all view and connect to the Divine differently. But, what Spirit has blissed me to receive is helpful to ALL people, regardless of age, religious affiliation, ethnicity, etc.

On the surface, I'd like to explain what can be done to help heal the areas of us that are suffering due to emotional strain. As I mentioned before the heart can be one of these places, but did you know that there is an energy portal that actually connects with the heart anatomy of the body. It is known as the Heart Chakra. It is important to notate this, because it gives us a direction of treatment. Not only does this one energy portal, or chakra, connect with the body anatomy, but there are plenty more! Spirit has constructed through me, an online course that helps to guide you through assessing, diagnosing, and treating your chakras (energy portals), in order to exist in wellness and not dis-ease. This course is entitled Healing Starts Within and is available to you now!

Now, let's look into the heart from a different angle. The teachings of Ma'at, state that the heart must be light as a feather to ascend. This means that we can't remain attached to the low vibrations of earth, once we are free to transition. I have spoken with many souls that have remained stuck here due to heavy emotions, such as anger and resentment. It's not to say that these feelings aren't justified in the physical sense, but these feelings do them NO benevolence in the Spiritual realm. As a matter of fact, they can be trapped here to experience those feelings over and over and over again until they learn to let them go. This sounds a lot like hell to me. 🔥🔥 The beauty is that when this soul gains knowledge that they must release the attachment to those feelings or even people, then they can ascend to their next destination. Do all souls choose to ascend? No, some are more than content with hanging around here to watch over others, or a mother who died after childbirth may want to stay around to watch their baby grow. There are different reason why souls hang out, but if they are not suffering then there is no need to hurry them along. Knowledge is the power. Once you transition from this earthly realm, you will need to allow your heart to be light a feather before you can ascend.

While, you're still here, allow your heart to feel and experience, but also allow her to be nurtured and healthy. Release the blocks on the heart chakra. Balance out your sacral chakra. Empower your throat chakra. Knowledge of how to do this is simply laid out in Healing Starts Within (Beginner friendly).

Welp! That's one heck of an introduction I think LOL. But, I'm glad that you have chosen to dive into my world. I cannot wait to talk more with you!!

Peace, Love, and Light to You!

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