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What's Stopping you?!

If you would have told me 2 yrs ago that I would be traveling the world with my family, homeschooling my children, and working from a laptop I likely would have seriously doubted you, and honestly I may have looked at you like were "loco", lol. Once upon a time, I didn't quite believe in the accessibility to abundance for myself. I could see it for anyone else, but when it came to my own capabilities I could not process it. There was always some limit, or a ceiling to what I felt I could or should achieve. Many people would be surprised by this, as I appear as a very accomplished individual. But truthfully, my accomplishments were limited by the restraints I put on myself.

Something inside of me did not only believe that I wasn't capable of achieving such fullness and greatness, but also that I wasn't deserving of it. It took me some time to realize that this self-limiting belief was present but as I have come into awareness, I have gained knowledge and am continuing to gain more insight on any and everything that is meant to hold me down and limit my abilities and accomplishments. Before I get too deep, take a minute to admire this sunset brought to you by Yucatan, Mexico.

Now, let's talk a little. Where do these self-limiting beliefs come from?? They can derive from many places. Sometimes, it's what words were spoken to us throughout life. It could also be, experiences that have made us feel inadequate or as failures. There are several sources that we should consider when recognizing self-limiting beliefs.

What is your self talk like? Is it empowering and uplifting? Do your words affirm your POWER, or do they give power to your FEARS and DOUBTS? If we desire to truly tap into our power, we must learn to fully utilize the power of our WORDS. You may hear me refer to the use of affirmations quite often, and that's because I looove them!!

One of the easiest ways to transform your mind from a negative place to a positive powerhouse is by utilizing affirmations. These affirmations are replacing negative thoughts. If you aren't being proactive then you are reacting, and reacting sets you up for failure. Start your day by proclaiming positive affirmations into your world and WATCH YOUR EXISTENCE CHANGE!!!

Just in case you missed it, Your FREE Affirmation download is located on the homepage of Viola's Place. Just click on the hyperlink above!


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