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Which Wolf Will You Feed?

Hi Friends,

It's Storytime! Once upon a time, there were 2 wolves that constantly fought for dominance. One wolf represented evil and the other represented good. During their face-offs they would constantly scour at one another, using any techniques of power and force that they could think of to defeat one another, and then day there was a winner. Which wolf was the winner, you ask??

It was the one that you fed.

You see, in life there is such a thing as duality. Where there is light, there is darkness. Where there is peace, there is chaos, and where there is joy, there is sadness. All of this, light and dark, exists in each and every one of us. But we are the ones who decide which is our dominant force. Which energy will we feed? Where energy goes, energy even the smallest amount of negativity can grow into a full-blown depression. But also, every little positive thought can grow into a life of BLISS.

Reflect on our photo above for just a minute. Notice how both sides, carry an equal amount of intensity. It is the same with out energy. Although, you could argue that negativity feels a lot more intense than positivity, if we focus on the extremes of these things, they are neck and neck. You ever experience a moment of celebration so great!! That is was like euphoria??? And, then have you ever experienced a moment so painful, that it was as dark as the black hole? Two completely different extremes, but both very intense.

So, with this being said....take inventory of the energy that you are feeding. Are you feeding fear? Worry? Depression? Sadness? Or, are you feeding Hope, Joy, Gratitude, and Love?

So, I challenge you! be accountable for the energy that you are feeding. Take inventory and then make changes.

I'm sending so much love and light as you continue on your path to ascension!❤️✨


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